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Bringing Joy to
Individuals, Teams, Communities, Corporations-
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What's In This For You ?

  • Want to feel fulfilled, optimistic, capable, joyous, focused?

  • What if you could have your highest brain function, energy and spirit always available for you, your team, community to call on?  

  • Ready to leave stress, burnout, anger, anxiety, confusion behind?


Groups of any size come together at LivJoyFully to activate and achieve astounding results!  Want your Team to collaborate on action plans/implementation?  Have a conference?  Unite your own work Team with connectivity, passion, and sustainable energy to achieve previously unbelievable outcomes?    

COACHING for Individuals
Activate Your Best Possible Life

Work one-on-one with your coach at LivJoyFully to optimize your life through a heart centered focus.  Take this opportunity to examine where your life is and where you want to be.  Then, most importantly, learn the tools to make the transformation - including leading edge performance tracking technology and insider health hacks.

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Linda Dolan


Your Lead Activator and Guide for the Journey

  • Through my life's experiences, I've found a bond in the human spirit that encourages each of us to keep improving our lives. I'm compelled to share my coaching insights and form client bonds through guiding a most unique approach to uplifting lives.  

  • My own journey has taken me to educational and work experiences in corporate management consulting, research science, tai chi, brain neural retraining, emerging artists, non-profit formation and administration, mindfulness meditation, care providers, elite athlete and high C level executive training.  

         My TEAM and I look forward to bringing cohesion and    joy to you!

Foot Tracks on Sand

Starting Today  Be Prepared to Say:

Our Team/Organization has never felt so connected to vision, values, mission and life!  We are blazing through our work tasks with enthusiasm and insight we never thought possible before.  Our families and friends have returned to be an important part of our lives. We're energized and can't wait to see where our newfound joy for life will serve us, our community and the world!

I'm on my way ! to being the best self I can be.  I feel energized and positive.  The world is my oyster and I'm going to open my heart to unbelievable experiences.  I'm calm, capable and committed to enjoying my special life.  I can't wait to see where my new found zest for life will take me.  I can't wait to interact with the people I'll joyfully be sharing this life with - whether it be my family, my work group, my community!

Questions ?

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